Ultimate Diver Challenge Nerves Tested, Egos Shattered. Patience Lost. Palm Beach County
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Want to be the next Ultimate Diver?
Want to be the next
ultimate diver?
Do you have dive skills, control and efficiency that can assist your team at earning the title of "The Ultimate Diver Team?" Buoyancy-Navigation-Diver Rescue-Search-Recovery-Dive Planning-Equipment Repair-Fish Identification-Underwater Mapping-and more! Find out how!
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Why Palm Beach County?
palm beach county?
Find out why Palm Beach County is truly a special place to host the Ultimate Diver Challenge. With everything from sandy white beaches to crystal clear water, Palm Beach County is secret treasure for divers young and old. See all that Palm Beach County has to offer and explore the rich cultural, sporting, film and tourist background.
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What is the Ultimate Diver Challenge?
What is Ultimate
Diver Challenge
Our dream is that a TV Show will inspire non-divers to understand how fun, exciting, and easy scuba diving is! Reality TV allows viewers to see from the eyes of others and this is an excellent sporting opportunity to share scuba diving with a competitive edge!
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